Slot machines have come a long way from when they were first created. There are so many different themes of online slots. Themes can be known to draw someone to one more than another. So much more important than having a theme on your pokie is have the right theme which will vary depending on where in the world it is located. Different places have different things that are popular for them. Let’s go over what themes are popular in New Zealand. Some of the more popular slot themes are the adventure, space, horror, and greek mythology.

Adventure Theme

Let’s start with the Adventure theme. Generally speaking, when you are looking at Adventure themed that means that there is the general thought and feeling that you are trying to accomplish something and working against. Some examples of these games are there is a slot game themed on The Goonies which is based on the 1980’s movie. Another example of this theme is Laura Croft Tomb Raider Secret Of The Sword. In this game, you are playing as the main character Laura. The goal of this game is to find the missing pieces of a very important sword. There is also the game Sticky Bandits. In this game, you play as a gang of desperadoes. The goal in this game is to be able to successfully hold up the store and make off with the money. From just these couple of examples, you can see how in each example there is something that you are trying to accomplish or fight against but there is also someone or something trying to stop you from being successful. These games really give you an adrenaline rush even more so when you are successful at your mission.

Space Theme

The next theme we are going to talk about is the theme of space. The space themes take place within outer space and very likely have a lot to do with aliens and UFOs. Some examples of these kinds of games are Space Gems in this game you start heading off into space in your space ship. The goal is to collect gems and prizes along the way. There is also Galactic Cash Attack. It has very attention-grabbing graphics such as brightly coloured monsters, spacecraft, weapons, and warriors. In this exciting game, there are multiple different ways to win. The game is based in space and waging a war against aliens. The next game we are gonna talk about is Star Awakening. This game is mainly alien-themed. The graphics include lots of different coloured planets and cartooned aliens. In this game, the quickest way to win is to match five planets in a row. The last example of this theme is called Astro Magic. It has a background of up in the sky so that is how it fits in the space theme. It is based on Astrology which is what our horoscope signs are based on. In this one, you point by matching five of the same horoscope sign. Different symbols earn you different points. As you can see from these examples the space theme is not only aliens.

Horror Theme

Another popular theme for some is Horror. These themes give you a creepy feeling sometimes however they are perfect for people who love to be scared and love Halloween. Our first example of this kind of game is Castle Blood. In this game, you are trying to steal treasures from vampires. The best vampires to steal from are the ones in the castle as they have the most treasure. You can win different amounts by matching three, four, or five with any symbol. The next game that I will use as an example for this theme is called a wicked circus. As if that name is not creepy enough the game has evil clowns in them. So fair warning to anyone with a fear of clowns this is not a game I would recommend. However, for anyone else that enjoys being scared, this is the game for you they even have a wicked joker with a very creepy laugh. Matching different symbols awards you different points. The last example shows how there can be varied in this theme as well. If you are looking for a light-hearted fun horror or Halloween themed this is the game for you. It is called so many monsters. For the graphics in this game, you will see lots of colourful comical monsters and will hear plenty of sill sound effects. When you get a winning combo the symbols become animated.

Mythology Theme

The last and one of the most diverse themes is Mythology. It is mainly based on things like the Greek Gods such as Zeus for example. Some examples of this kind of games are Age Of God’s Goddess Of Wisdom. This game has an excellent eye for detail. It is set to take place in ancient Rome. There are different types of symbols based on the symbols you match determines the amount you win. We can not talk about Mythology without bringing up the game that is named after the Greek God our mind goes to first when thinking about this theme and that is Zeus. The game is based on mount Olympus which is very fitting. To win you need to match symbols. Some of the Symbols are harps, wreaths, and of course his famous thunderbolts.

As you can see the game is much more than just numbers spinning around or even symbols spinning around. There is a lot of thought and attention to details that go into designing these games no matter what the theme is and keeping it fun and interactive.