When going to a casino or playing one online, slot games are among the most popular choices of games that you can choose to play. Slot games are very popular because they offer players with variety as well as a number of different themes. One of the most popular themes for slot games is horror-themed games. With these types of games, players will be able to play a game that has pictures and characteristics that relate to scary movies and stories. This can provide players with a change of pace when they are looking to play another slot game that is new and intriguing.

Fortunately for casino players, there are many horrors themed slot games available. While there are dozens of these types of games, there are some that stand out among the rest. With these games, players will be able to have the most enjoyable gaming experience, maximize their winnings and have a variety of unique gaming options available to take advantage of. As a result, anyone who is looking to play online casino games will want to consider these horror-themed games when looking to play slots.

Lost Vegas

One of the most popular horror-themed slot games is Lost Vegas. The game has a common theme in horror movies and shows which includes zombies. When playing the game, players will be exposed to zombies in Las Vegas which provides a very unique gaming experience. Players can choose to play with reels that include either humans or zombies. They are then allowed to spin in order to attempt to win bonuses such as the Blackout bonus. A player can also win the Zombie Fist of cash as well.

Like all other slot games, players will need to get three icons that are the same in order to win any money. The game is just like any other slot game in terms of chances of winning. When you play the game, you will have a moderate chance of winning money compared to other slot machine games. This game is easy to play as you will just need to place an initial bet of $5 or more and then pull or click the slot button. If you win any money then you will get the funds deposited into your casino account or bank account. Lost Vegas is one game that players will want to consider when they decided to play a horror-themed slot game.

Blood Suckers

Another popular horror-themed slot game is Blood Suckers. This game includes two parts of a series. The NetEnt vampire-themed slot game is one of the classic slot games that anyone can play. Whether you want to play the original or the new version, players will be able to have a very enjoyable gaming experience. The game is very friendly to players as they are able to win more often compared to others of its kind. Since this game is favourable for players, many casinos don’t offer it. This game is often excluded from casinos that allow you to complete a bonus wagering requirement. Blood Suckers includes two bonus games that allow you to avoid retiring on the proceeds of your winnings. Small winnings come quickly when playing the game. With these characteristics, Blood Suckers will continue to be one of the most popular slot casino games available to play on any casino.


While most slot games with the horror theme have their own story and design, there are some that are based on classic horror movies. One of these games is Halloween which has the theme of the classic movie that came out in 1978. With this game, the player is exposed to the character Michael Myers. When playing this game, a player is required to find scatter symbols so that they can unlock the Trick or Treat Wheel. This allows players to win major prizes and high bonuses. There is a boogeyman bonus game which allows players to win more cash prizes.

Wicked Circus

Another one of the most popular horror-themed slot games is Wicked Circus. This game’s theme is a creepy clown. The game is based on the novel and movie IT which is one of the most popular horror stories of all time. On this game, players will look to win cash and other prizes by getting three-slot images in a row. When playing this game, players will see a sinister-looking joker as one of the characters and symbols. Anytime the joker image appears three times, players are able to win a mystery prize of 6,000 coins. The game has been regarded as one of the best horror slot games due to its sound and appearance. With its variety of unique features, Wicked Circus stands out from many other slot games of its kind.


The gaming company NetEnt has released a few of the most popular horror-themed slot games. These games are based on Universal Studios horror movies of the past. One of the top games made by this company is Dracula which is based on the 1931 film of the same name. Since it is based on the classic vampire story, Dracula allows players to see images of the legendary horror character. Dracula sits to the left of the reels and then becomes a group of bats that swarm in front of players. When the bats appear, the reels begin to add clusters and show a certain symbol. Like all other slot machine games, players will need three similar icons to appear in order to win a prize. The prize won is usually cash and other bonuses which can provide players with a rewarding experience whenever they play this game.

Full Moon Fortunes

Full Moon Fortunes is another one of the top horrors themed slot machine games available for players to play when going to a casino. During the game, the hero transforms into a werewolf which is good because the image becomes a multiplier wild. There is a generous free spin feature that allows players to have a round of multipliers. This allows them to increase their chances of winning money and bonuses. Full Moon Fortunes also includes a bonus game where you can pick the headstones at a cemetery and then find cash prizes.

Playing The Games

While slot games provide players with a fulfilling gaming experience, some themed games are more enjoyable than others. The horror genre is one of the most exciting types of slot games to play. With a variety of features and bonuses, players will be able to maximize their winnings whenever they play these games. Along with bonuses and a unique theme, these games are easy to play and require a minimal amount of money to begin playing. As a result, these horror themed slot games are among the best options when looking to play a slot game.

When it comes to the gaming experience, players will have the same odds of other slot games. Depending on the particular casino, the chances of winning prizes can be better than others. No matter what casino you play these games, the horror-themed casino games will provide players with a unique option to consider when they are looking into trying out these types of slot games.