Lighthouse slot machine games launched in 2004, and since then the game has become a major hit in the casino gaming community. As with other casino gaming, whether online or in-person; there is an opposed risk. For those who make smart and wise decisions, fortune can turn this profitable game into a benefit for you in more ways than just fun. So the question arises, are there other games similar to Lighthouse Slots, and if so what are the options?

These type of slot machine games are known as progressive slots, and the mechanics are all similar, though the glitter is a little bit different. Progressive slot machines work simply. When the jackpot is reached the jackpot resets back to a defined set amount. In some instances on some progressive slot machine games, they are linked by geographical location. Therefore, the money builds on top of each play the various players make to increase the overall jackpot.

Soul Caliber II (Casino Edition)

In this game, there are six levels, at each stage, a bet is cast. At the end of all of the stages, you have a chance to fight a character name inferno for free! The game is compared something similar to video poker and can allow you to leave with 100% RTP but with enough aggressiveness, you could leave with a little extra in your pocket.

Megabucks slots

Similar to a lottery that one would experience in a state in the United States of America, but to Nevada, this is somewhat like the lottery. It is a progressive slot machine game that can allow you to win a lot of money if you know how to play and the odds are right. This game is responsible for some of Nevada’s biggest winnings in Jackpots for the state of Nevada. The game is relatively simple, there are three reels with the payout line going right to the centre. This game uses many common themes you may be familiar with, such as cherries, sevens and bars. The object of the game is to match the numbers down the pay line in the centre. It is as simple as that, no intricate rules are repetitive patterns; it’s as plain as day. The minimal jackpot prize is 10 million!

Wheel of Fortune Slots

Over the past few decades, this slot machine game is becoming a major hit in the casino gaming community. Wheel of Fortune was the first substantial prize-winning progressive jackpot to kick off the casino gaming in the 1990s. This is why the game is so popular, it can be played online or in a live casino. The game links geographical location with the jackpot as mentioned above, thereby increasing the jackpot by X fold depending on the number of players. The game is one of the most popular in America to put it in perspective. But if that doesn’t give a clear enough imagery, the largest jackpot won on the slot machine was over 14 million in Biloxi, Mississippi back in 2009! As you have read previously, progressive slot games reset once the jackpot has been acclaimed, this game resets at $1 million.

Elvis Slot Machine

If you’ve ever visited a popular casino or just browse through online casino gaming options, you’re probably seen one with a familiar face in just about every casino. The spirit of Las Vegas lives on with the king Elvis Presley in the slot machine Elvis. There have been five deviations to be made of this particular slot machine theme, all of them created by International Game Technology, or IGT. The game has three reels and accepts three coins, with $.25 base credit.

Mega Moolah

This game quickly rose to fame in the online casino gaming world because it gave the potential to make millionaires from its players seemingly overnight. The various themes of this game offer a payout of a jackpot totalling $1 million. But not everyone who plays his game wins big. In actuality the four jackpots that can be won. They include mini ($10), minor ($100), major ($10,000) and of course mega ($1M). Although it should be noted with the slot machine’s game winnings the smaller prizes are far more common than winning the grand prize. Mega Moolah probably has one of the lowest theoretical returns to player RTP percentages of any online slots game on the market, coming in from the rear at 88.12%.

All of these games have similar mechanics but the main difference is RTP and theme, and RTP should be paid attention to before putting yourself into a slot machine game. All of them offer the chance to win at a great rate, and just like Lighthouse Slots, they are all progressive slot machine games. However just because they are similar they are not the same and you should do your research on the particular slot machine before you and put money into it, checking return to a player percentage as a priority.