There is a world of unexplored knowledge when it comes to gambling, casinos and playing on the slot machines. People, with their half-baked knowledge, have only painted gory pictures of casinos, and this half-knowledge has led to the most of us fearing what could be truly amazing and entertaining. Slot machines promise a lot of fun and it is important that we know how to play them carefully if one were to hit the jackpot. In this article, we shall talk about all the tried and tested ways in which you can win the jackpot at the Kiwi jackpot party video slot machine. Thus, without any further ado, let us look at the points and learn that can be truly helpful to us.

Do Not Go Overboard With Your Betting:

In a bid to hit the creamy jackpot, do not go overboard with your betting strategy. Always stay within the confines of your budget and bet only how much you think would not tug at your purse strings. This way, you shall be more confident about betting and will not have to worry about losing out on a significant amount of money. You can then, slowly and steadily play for the jackpot without having to lose money on the way.

Your Betting:

Go for a Low Wager If You Are Going Only for the Jackpot:

A higher wager amount does not guarantee that you will win the jackpot. This is a myth, and you must know better than that. If you only have the jackpot on your mind, make sure that the bets you place are in small amounts. This way, you will have more chances to spin the wheels; and the more you spin, the higher are your chances at winning the jackpot.

Always Read the Pay Table Before You Start:

It is imperative that you pay minute attention to the paytable before starting with your game. The paytable consists of all the rules, regulations and meanings of signs and symbols. Therefore, you must pay close attention to these rules and regulations if you are to win the jackpot. These rules and regulations have minute details that could act as your key to the jackpot amount, and many people lose out on the jackpot because they do not pay heed to the details entailed by the paytable.

Play the Maximum Bets Only When Required:

Maximum Bets

Like we said, betting with a high amount does not ensure you the jackpot. But, you might also have to place a few major bets at times if you are to tweak your chances of winning. Therefore, do not shy away or feel afraid to place a significant bet when the time comes. You might be just able to hit the jackpot with the bet you place.


Hitting the jackpot on the Kiwi jackpot party video slot machine is not as challenging, or a far-fetched idea as one might portray it to be. It all depends on how well you play your turn and how patient you are when you have to play more than once. With a bit of caution and patience, you can hit any jackpot on any slot machine.