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Tuaheni Point (1905)



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Tuaheni Point, is situated on the east coast of the North Island, north of Gisborne.

Established in 1905, Tuaheni Point was one of the first fully automated lights in New Zealand.  The original lighthouse was wooden but was burnt down during the first year. The next tower, constructed of cast iron lasted until erosion forced yet another tower to be built. The 3rd tower was constructed in 1911 at the water edge on solid rock and can still be seen today, however this light was also replaced with another on the headland. 19




Island North Island 
Location Poverty Bay
Number K3954
Date Commissioned 1905 (1st Tower) 19
Date Decommissioned
Automated 1905 19
Latitude 38 42' South 19
Longitude 178 04' East 19
Elevation Above Sea Level 128m (current tower) 19
Height 4m (current tower) 19
Character 2 second flash every 8 seconds 19
Range 15 miles 19
Construction White Metal Tower 19
Converted Kerosene To Diesel
Converted Diesel To Mains Electricity
Present Tower
Date Visited 2000


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