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David Scott ( ???? - ????)


David Scott


Although time would bring its inevitable changes in the period, for much of it the New Zealand Light Service continued to be developed by its two principal architects, John Blackett and Robert Johnson.

They were joined in 1880 by another officer, David Scott who, as Lighthouse Artificer, was responsible for the on-site supervision of all construction and repair work. Although never apparently classified as an engineer, Scott's duties as Artificer are difficult to define, for they fell somewhere between that of engineer and foreman of works, but whatever his status he is accountable in lighthouse history for the remarkable tenacity of purpose and ingenuity with which he accomplished miracles of construction at sites which would even confound a modern engineer.

David Scott supervised the work which went on through 1909, and when Cape Brett was finally lit on 21 February 1910 it was Scott's last lighthouse. After over thirty years of service as Lighthouse Artificer in which he had supervised the erection of lights on the most difficult places on the coast, Scott retired in 1911. No construction task seemed insurmountable to this man who thoroughly deserves his place in lighthouse history. He had survived the most incredibly dangerous tasks allotted to him over so many years; and four years after he retired he was killed when he fell from a train.   Unknown source



Stephens Island and Its Lighthouse

169Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 5, November 1971. Stephens Island Lighthouse - Author: G. H. Cole

by G. H. Cole

There is here a link with early Nelson, and with Nelson College one David Scott, born in Tasmania in 1842, one of the first pupils of Nelson College, during 31 years service supervised the construction of many New Zealand lighthouses, including Stephens Island, East Cape, Portland Island, Cuvier Island, Cape Brett, Jacksons Head.



Supervised the construction of the following lighthouses:

Cape Brett

Stephens Island




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169Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 5, November 1971. Stephens Island Lighthouse - Author: G. H. Cole

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