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Puysegur Point (1879)


Photo courtesy of MSA.


Situated near Preservation Inlet in a remote part of Fiordland, Puysegur Point was New Zealand's most isolated lighthouse.

In 1874, the Luna was ordered on special duty for a lighthouse survey of the South Island (sometimes referred to as the Middle Island in those times). On board were, Captain Robert Johnson and Mr. Wilson of the Marine Department,  plus a number of reporters and other dignitaries.  267  275  276

The Luna left Bluff on Wednesday February 25 and after another visit to Dog Island headed southeast around the bottom of the South Island to survey a site for a lighthouse at the southwest corner of the South Island.  272 

Several sites were to be considered, Green Islets, Puysegur Point and Winsor Point. The Islets are about 15 miles south of the entrance to Preservation Inlet. Winsor Point is about eight mile further on.  278  

The Luna entered Preservation Inlet via the east end named Otago's Retreat and anchored on the west side of the inlet on Thursday  February 26, 1874. Otago's Retreat was named after the schooner Otago, which accompanied  H.M.S. Acheron on a surveying expedition took refuge in the inlet during during bad weather.  272

After the Luna landed, the Marine surveyors tramped southwards along the beach and over rocky crags until they reached Puysegur Point about 3 miles from the mouth of the inlet,  where they surveyed a site for a lighthouse.  278    As it was too difficult to reach Winsor Point over land from this point the party turned back  278  and planed to visit the next day by boat.  272  

Friday at 7 a.m. the Luna tried to head towards Winsor Point but the weather and seas made it too difficult. The Luna headed back into the inlet and anchored at Cuttle Cove for another day. On Saturday at 5 a.m. the Luna steamed once more to Winsor Point, but was unable to find a safe anchorage which ruled out Winsor Point as a lighthouse site unless a 7 mile road was built from Preservation Inlet.  273     The Luna then steamed to the Green Islets, but once again a suitable anchorage was not found.  279


First lit in 1879.

It is of the first order dioptric, a fixed light, and was opened on March 1, 1879. The cost was £9958, and aa vessels from Australia and the United Kingdom make the land here it is of great service to mariners. There are three men in charge, Mr. P. Boyle being the head keeper. 91Star , Issue 4872, 10 February 1894, Page 6


J F Ericson moved to the lighthouse August 8, 1878 as the first keeper, here is an excerpt from the Ericson family history;  192

With his wife and five small children J F Ericson landed at Otago’s Retreat on 8 August 1878 to take charge of the new lighthouse station at Puysegur Point. The 60 ft wooden tower had  been built and Ericson’s first task was to install the lantern and equipment so that the light could begin to operate in March 1879. Access to the lighthouse station was by narrow winding road about three miles from the landing. Everything had to be brought up from the landing and the road was so bad that much of the keeper’s time was spent in trying to make the road sufficiently smooth for horse. On November 30 1878 he wrote –

We have had to carry up a good deal of the stores on our backs. It is hard and tedious work but the horse is rather light for this road and we are obliged to assist him.”

On 6.1.1879 George was born and Mrs. Ericson had to depend on the other keepers wife to “see her right.” Despite the hardship, by 1st March 1879 all was ready and Ericson lit the lamp. Life at Puysegur was a never ending struggle with the bleak isolation, the gale winds, rain and fog. In May 1880 J F Ericson wrote …

“owing to the very heavy rainfall we have had during this month our road has been completely blocked up by landslips. In one place the whole sidling has come down and about 1,000 yards of stuff is lodged on the road. We have often to work in very bad weather besides being tormented with thousands of sandflies while working. Therefore I hope, sir, you will kindly grant us a rise in salary for each of us is doing our very best to deserve it.”

 Instead a Government circular was received announcing a general 10% reduction in salaries.

 Descendants of George’s family and members of Southland Tramping Club made a pilgrimage to Puysegur to mark the centenary in 1979.  A tramping party were flown to Preservation Inlet and walked to the lighthouse, while others travelled by helicopter. 192


During 1909, the Marine Department who had earlier experimented with incandescent burner systems (Chance Patent) at Pencarrow, Stephens Island and Jack's Point (Timaru) made a decision to install them in other lighthouses. Lighthouse expert, Mr. Scott installed the new burner on the light.  90


The Southland Times reports that on the 26th last a very severe thunderstorm passed over the district, and the lighthouse at Puysegur Point was struck by lightning. According to the statement of Mr. F. Sandager, the keeper on watch at the time, the building was struck on the dome, the lightning travelling through the lighthouse and down the braces outside. Little or no damage was done to the building, saving a few boards being split where the lightning found egress and an iron band which encircles the structure torn off. Mr. Sandager received no injury- There is a lightning conductor on the tower, but it is thought that the metal had been fused by previous strokes of lightning.

Otago Witness , Issue 2338, 22 December 1898, Page 37


Late in 1925, a wireless radio is installed.  241

The initial transportation to the lighthouse was by a 9 hour boat trip from Bluff, this method of transportation was replaced in the late 1950s by a sea plane.

Decommissioned in 1980, the lighthouse was replaced by two beacons on Windsor Point and Cape Providence.



The Puysegur Point lighthouse has along with others been featured on New Zealand postal stamps issued by the Government Life Insurance Office. 

Part of the lighthouse series that was released in 1969 when New Zealand changed to decimal currency, the Puysegur Point stamp had a value of 2 1/2 cents. 

The stamps in the series were, Moeraki 1/2 cents, Puysegur Point  2 1/2 cents, Baring Head 3 cents, Cape Egmont 4 cents and Dog Island 15 cents.

In 1978, the Puysegur Point Lighthouse stamp was overwritten with a new value of 25 cents.


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Inaccessible, unless you have a boat or tramp through the bush.


Island South
Province Southland
Location Fiordland
Number K4442
Date Commissioned March 1, 1879
Date Decommissioned
Automated 1989
Latitude 46 10' South
Longitude 166 36' East
Elevation Above Sea Level 48m  (45m)
Height 5.5
Character White light flashes every 12 seconds
Range 22 N. miles (41km)   (19 N. miles)
Construction Wooden, replaced by concrete tower January 1943
Converted Kerosene To Diesel January 1943
Converted Diesel To Mains Electricity
Present Tower Original??
Authority Maritime New Zealand
Date Visited


Principal Keeper From To
  1st lit, March 1, 1879  
John F Ericson  13b  192 August 8, 1878  13b  192 December 1, 1880  13b  
Martin Nelson  22  13b  December 1, 1880  13b   July 3, 1882  13b 
James Cunningham  13b  July, 1882  13b   October, 1885  13b 
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Philip J. Voyle  13b  July 3, 1890  13b   October 11, 1894  13b 
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Philip J. Voyle  13b  December 30, 1909  13b  January 17, 1913  13b 
Samuel Hart  13b  January 17, 1913  13b  July 23, 1914  13b  
George F. Marlow  13b  July 23, 1914  13b   March, 1916  13b 
Albert V. Pearce  13b  March, 1916  13b  April, 1918  13b 
David W. McLeish  13b   April, 1918  13b  April, 1920  13b 
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Assistant Keeper (1st) From To
  1st lit, March 1, 1879  
William McLeod  13b  April 1, 1878  13b   December 5, 1879  13b 
Patrick Henaghan  22  13b  December 5, 1879  13b  22  January 3, 1883  13b  22 
Anders Hansen  13b  January 3, 1883  13b  October 6, 1885  13b 
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Thomas B. Smith  13b  January, 1913  13b   November, 1914  13b 
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Richard Cargill  13b  July, 1916  13b  September, 1916  13b 
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Assistant Keeper (2nd) From To
Charles W. Scopes   13b  1878   13b   1881  13b 
David Lyall   13b  August 29, 1881   13b   December 31, 1884  13b 
Philip D. G. Payne   13b  22     (Probationary)  22 November 1, 1885   13b   March 31, 1886  22
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