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Name Robert Leatham McIver ( - )

(Keeper 1853 to 1916)  187



Born Mth Day, ???? in . ?

Arrived in ???, New Zealand in ????, aboard ???. ?


Joined the Lighthouse Service ????. ?



I have just googled Taiaroa head lighthouse and found your website. My 4 x Great grandfather was a lighthouse keeper in NZ from 1853 to 1916 and worked at the Taiaroa head lighthouse from 1/7/1890 then moved to Kaipara Lighthouse to start on the 1/9/1897 his name was Robert Leatham McIver. My 3xgreat grandfather was born at Cape Campbell in 1883.

187. Robert Leatham McIver (Melvina Wise, March 23, 2013)


Robert McIver Rank: Principal Keeper. Work Period: 07-02-10 to 27-11-12. Family: Nothing known. Robert McIver was the first principal keeper of the Cape Brett Lighthouse. He joined the light service in 1881 and by the time he was transferred to Cape Brett had 19 years of experience at New Zealand lighthouses.173 A memo dated 25 January 1910 puts Robert moving to Cape Brett on the SS Hinemoa on its northern lighthouse trip, and states that his salary per annum totalled 170.174 As the first principal keeper, Robert served 1025 days (2 years, 9 months and 21 days) on the station. It is not known if he had any family with him on the station. After Cape Brett he was transferred to the Cape Foulwind Lighthouse on the West Coast of New Zealand.175

13aDOC. Cape Brett, Keepers Stories


1853  187      1881 13a
Cape Campbell  187                              ( c 1883  187 ) c 1883  22
Taiaroa Head  187 July 1, 1890  187 September 1, 1897  187
Kaipara North Head  187 September 1, 1897  187
Puysegur Point  13b Principal Keeper  13b September 4, 1906  13b   December 19, 1909  13b 
Cape Brett  13a Principal Keeper  13a February 7, 1910  13a November 11, 1912  13a
Cape Foulwind  83  13a Principal Keeper  83 1912  83 1916  83



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187. Robert Leatham McIver (Melvina Wise, March 23, 2013)





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