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Lyttelton Harbour (1878)


Boys near the lighthouse in Lyttelton harbour, 1882

Reference Number: 1/2-027866-F

Four young boys near the lighthouse in Lyttelton harbour, Canterbury. Photographed by Burton Brothers in 1882.



Lyttelton Lighthouse after September, 2010 earthquake


Google has a satellite view. 

After the completion in 1877 of the Gladstone Quay in Lyttelton harbour, a lighthouse was built at the end on the quay. The lighthouse apparatus was manufactured by Chance Brothers & Company, Birmingham, England. The bell on the balcony was manufactured by Taylor's Foundry of Loughborough. 19

At first the light was a fixed red light visible all around. In 1905 it was screened between 265-007 and 318-007 to mark the turn in the harbour into the Moles. In 1983 the light was converted to green and in 1985 the screens were removed and it became an all around light again. 19

Original light is still in the tower but is not used. 19

In September 2010, the lighthouse foundations were damaged due to an earthquake but it would appear the lighthouse has little damage.



Located at the end of Gladstone Quay on the east side of the entrance to Lyttelton harbor. Accessible by walking the quay.


Island South
Province Canterbury
Location Lyttelton Habour
Number K4300
Date Commissioned 1878 19
Date Decommissioned
Latitude 43  37'  19 
Longitude 172  43'  19
Elevation Above Sea Level 8m  19
Height 6m  19
Character Occulting green 6 seconds, 1 second eclipse  19
Range 2 miles  19
Construction Wooden tower, painted white  19
Converted Kerosene To Diesel
Converted Diesel To Mains Electricity
Connected To Mains Electricity
Date Visited


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