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William Lyall ( - )

Born Mth Day, ???? in . ?

Arrived in ???, New Zealand in ????, aboard ???. ?


Joined the Lighthouse Service ????. ?

Died: Oct 11,  1871.  203

Working with the Bennets at Pencarrow as Assistant Keeper was William Lyall and his wife Lucy. The Lyalls come to NZ on Mariner in 1849. William was working at Pencarrow from 1859 to some time in in 1860's where he moved moved to Soames Island as Keeper. It appeaars that he and Mrs Bennet did not always get on see section on Pencarrow lighthouses for some details. William died 11 Oct 1871. William was succeeded on Soames Island by his step son Robert Buckeridge until his death 10 Sept 1874. I hope that this is of use to you and good luck with the webpage. Regards Linnette Horne

203. William Lyall (Linnette Horne, December 31, 2009)

Pencarrow  203 Assistant Keeper  203 1859  203 1866  13
Matiu-Somes Island  203  13 Principal Keeper  13 1866  13 1871  13



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203. William Lyall (Linnette Horne, December 31, 2009)




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