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Hugh Barbour Jamieson ( - )


Born Mth Day, ???? in . ?

Arrived in ???, New Zealand in ????, aboard ???. ?


Joined the Lighthouse Service ????. ?




Hugh Barbour Jamieson Rank: Principal Keeper. Work Period: 17-06-37 to 30-01-47. Postmaster: from the 17-06-37 to 30-01-47. Family: Wife ~ Dorothy Maria. Children (7) ~ 4 sons and 3 daughters. In age order = John (Jock) Morris; Walter (Wattie) Andrew; Allan Portens; Mabel Doris; Winifred Ida; James (Dave) Doris and Ann (Alice).

Hugh Jamieson was transferred to Cape Brett in June 1937 to serve for a maximum of three years. Instead Hugh became the Cape’s longest serving principal keeper – serving a total 3515 days (or nearly ten years). The family’s longer than usual stay was the result of the outbreak of World War 2. The Marine Department put a freeze on all non-essential travel during this period, deciding that the principal keepers would stay put while the assistants would still move around. The Jamiesons seemed to embrace Cape Brett as their own with ease, Hugh bringing the station back up to scratch and instilling a sense of community for the keepers during a tumultuous time in the world. He established a communal area for a large vegetable garden consisting of three terraces, one for each keeper. Who got which terrace was determined literally by drawing straws.214 

Hugh was also the keeper who promoted socialising in the form of regular afternoon tea meetings and frequent card games with the keepers; families and Navy personnel.215 

However, he also expected his team to go above and beyond the call of duty. Not all keepers appreciated his directives to assist — unpaid — with the unloading of Navy goods and hauling them up the tramway. The Jamiesons’ time on the station is covered in the personal recollections entitled ‘The Children of the Lighthouse” written by Mabel Pollock (nee Jamieson). This covers her father’s career in the light service from her perspective (see sources for more information pg 172). She also recollects what she remembers of other keepers and their families.216

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Kahurangi Point 16 1921 16 1926 16
East Cape 1931 1935
Cuvier Island 16 1935 1937
Cape Brett  13a Principal Keeper  13a June 17, 1937  13a January 30, 1947  13a
Farewell Spit 16 1946 1949
Kaipara North Head 16 1949 1952
Waipapa April, 1927  13b January, 1932  13b 



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