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Flat Rock (1867)



                                              Flat Rock Lighthouse (Date Unknown)                                                                                        Photo courtesy of MSA.

                                       Photo by Eric Tarlton, used by permission of Once Again Images.                                                                                



Flat Rock was originally guarded by a red pane on Tiritiri Matangi lighthouse. 1

The first attempted beacons built in 1867 and again in 1870, were washed away by the sea. A cone shaped stone tower incased in iron was built in 1872, it too was washed away. 19


Auto light for Flat Rock is deferred.

223. Dominion, Volume 7, Issue 2006, 13 March 1914, Page 8



The current automatic light was installed in 1918 19 / 1922. 1




Island North
Province Auckland
Location Hauraki Gulf
Number K3738
Date Commissioned 1867 19
Date Decommissioned
Automated Automatic from date lit 1
Latitude 36 27' South 1
Longitude 174 56' East 1
Elevation Above Sea Level 13m 1 
Height 3m 1    12m 19
Character Flashes white every 7 seconds 1
Range 8 N. miles 1
Construction White tower, concrete base 1
Converted Kerosene To Diesel
Converted Diesel To Mains Electricity
Present Tower 1918 19  1922. 1
Authority Owned and operated by Maritime New Zealand 1
Date Visited


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