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James Anderson (1860 - )


Born October 22, 1860. 22


My father, James Anderson, was in the New Zealand Marine Department Lighthouse Service 40 years, and during this period was stationed at three lighthouses a second time—places namely Manukau Heads, Akaroa and Kahurangi. As far as I know, nobody else has done more than one station twice. The picture on front of the journal* would be taken about 1900, a year before I was born, and in it are my father, mother and three elder sisters (later there were eight of us). I was born at Nurse Kidsons in Haven Road, Nelson, and I didn't know much about Nelson at that time except what dad told me. About 1900 my father was assistant at the Boulder Bank, and during his three years there the principal keepers were Mr. Nelson and Mr. Cunningham. I have often heard mother saying how they used to bring over sacks of soil to grow a few vegetables in boxes, along with a few flowers, geraniums, etc. My father was always a keen naturalist in his own way, and also keen on Maori history and a collector of artifacts. I followed in his wake, in this respect, and have a good collection of Maori curios from the full length of New Zealand. My first recollection of lighthouses was at the next station after Nelson—Dog Island, Foveaux Strait. We shifted to Kahurangi about August 1906, dad being second principal keeper since the lighthouse was built. Previous head keeper was Mr. Raynor, with assistants W. Champion and R. Partridge. Keeper's assistants with my father were W. Murray, Wilkins and McVeigh. Our next stations were Bear Rock (Auckland), Manukau Heads, Waipapa Point (Foveaux Strait), Akaroa, Moeraki and Kahurangi again. This time dad went on his own for two years then retired to live at Port Moeraki. In 1917 while my people were at Akaroa, I joined the "Hinemoa" lighthouse ship as boy seaman under Capt. John Bollons.

165Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 6, April 1973. Author: Ivan Anderson


Manukau South Head   22  87 Probationary Keeper  22 December 23, 1887   22  87 February 23, 1888   22  87
Cape Maria van Dieman  22 Assistant Keeper  22 March 3, 1888  22 April 9, 1891  22
Matiu-Somes   22  13 1891 13 1891 13
Akaroa   22 Assistant Keeper  22 May 1, 1891  22 September 29, 1894  22
Centre Island   22 Assistant Keeper  22 October, 1894  22
Nelson Boulder Bank   22 Assistant Keeper  22 August 14, 1902  22
Cape Foulwind  83   22   August, 1902  83 September, 1902  83
Dog Island   22  Principal Keeper  22  13b February, 1903  13b  22 October 30, 1906  13b  69
Kahurangi Point   22  165  69 Principal Keeper  22 August 1906  165  69    November, 1906  22
Bean Rock   22 16 Principal Keeper  22 1909 16 1911 16
Manukau South Head  22   Principal Keeper  22  82  86 May 9, 1911  82  86 June 9, 1914  82  86
Waipapa  13b Principal Keeper  13b July 20, 1914  13b April, 1917  13b
Akaroa  165  Principal Keeper  165   c  1917  13b April 1, 1919
Moeraki  165  Principal Keeper  165  
Kahurangi Point  165   Principal Keeper  165  

Mr. Ansine, assistant lighthouse keeper at Farewell Spit, has been promoted to be principal keeper at Dog Island lighthouse, replacing Mr. Anderson, who is to take charge at Kahurangi Point. Mr. Colley, from Kahurangi Point, is to become principal keeper on Bean Rock, Auckland, vice Mr. McKinlay, resigned from the service.

69. New Zealand Herald, Volume XLIII, Issue 13294, 28 September 1906, Page 6



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165Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 6, April 1973. Author: Ivan Anderson



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