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George Ager (1886 - 1952) 188


Born: November 1, 1886, in Moss Vale NSW Australia. 188

Married: Annie Eleanor. Annie died May 22, 1923 and was buried at the Kohere family cemetery, on East Cape Lighthouse land at Horoera.  188  Annie developed a severe cold whilst on transfer and died two weeks later from what was described as an abscess in the ear. As George had a large family his sister Lucy from Sydney, Australia moved in with the family to help as a housekeeper.  2

Children: 7  188

Died:  August 10, 1952 Edgecombe, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.  188


He was First Assistant at East Cape Lighthouse in 1923 when the ship 'Port Elliot' was wrecked and he had to go out and stay on board until the authorities came as all hands were lost in the storm. He had three young Maori lads to help him and he stayed on board for 10 days.  188



East Cape   188 1st Assistant Keeper  188 May 11, 1923  188 February 17, 1925  188
Cape Egmont   188 February 17, 1925  188
Centre Island  13b Principal Keeper  13b July 27, 1934  13b April 7, 1937  13b
Dog Island  13b April 8, 1937  13b July 24, 1940  13b



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